Benifits: why govt jobs are better than private sector jobs

Govt jobs vs private jobs is a perpetual dilemma in india among the indian youth. Some youngsters says that govt jobs are better than private jobs meanwhile some prefers private jobs as private jobs have good packages. Are youu also stuck between choosing betwwen a private or a public sector job? Here i am to discuss the advantages aand disadvantages of both public sector and  private sector jobs.

Advantages of govt jobs 2015

why govt jobs are better than private jobs

while deciding which jobs are better , we compared many factors like salary , pay structure , promotions etc.

1. Job security:

guess you wake up in the morning and come to know that you are now jobless. The private company in which you were working is now shut down , how will you feel , you have darkness of your future. This is one of the most biggest disadvantage of having a private job. But if you are in a govt job you dont have to worry about job security. In the time of recessions you are at riskin private sector.

2.working hours or duty time

Private job can ruin your personal life sometimes as you will be busy in office work all the day and upto late nights. No time of coming back from office will divesely affect you. You will not be able to take care of your childrens, your wife, Family. While compared to public sector, in  a governmnt job you will have limityd or less workload and pressure and you can get enough pare time for your family and personal life.

4.) Promotions

In public sector , you will get promotions and increment on the basis of your service period , while in private sector sometimes there is no fixed criteria for a promotion . Even if you work much better there are chances that you may not get promotion due to internal conflicts and politics in your office.

5.) Holidays – There are more Government holidays in Government jobs compared to private sector. In addition you also have a 5 day work week. To add to all this, you also have certain amount of paid holidays in a year, while in private sector you might me going to office in sundays, what can be more worst 😛 .

there are a number of many more factors which gives us a conclusion that yes govt jobs are better than private jobs. 

So keep trying to search for more and more govt jobs in 2015 on . Wish you a successful journey ahead

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