Career Options for Engineering Graduates

The biggest question every Engineering student asks himself after graduation is “what next?” In a country like India, more than half of the undergrad students choose Engineering as their course of choice and labour through four years of preparation and hard work only to end up in a dilemma of what to do next after Engineering.

There are two options in front of you after graduation, you either choose take up a job or pursue your master’s degree. If you do not have any kind of financial obligations and can afford to study further, there are an abundant number of courses that you can take up, like M.Tech, MBA, CAT etc. In case you can’t afford to study further, you have the option to take up a job in the government or private sector, academia or public service undertakings. Since engineering is a vast field, people working within it will need to get an extra qualification in order to show off their specialisations.

Let’s take a look at a few career options after Engineering

Civil Services

Let’s face it a government job is always a good option with all the benefits and leisure work timings it offers. But it’s not all that easy to get one, in order to get a job in the government services, you must crack the Indian Engineering Services Exam or the Civil Services Exam and go for IAS, IPS etc. Although this can be a hard and lengthy process the results will definitely be fruitful.

Industrial Engineering

A career in Industrial Engineering is all about problem solving and involves the insight of engineers in fixing problems of multinational companies as and when they occur. Candidates require the skill of ingenuity and quick thinking.

Chemical Engineering

A career in chemical engineering can be challenging as you will be dealing with the engineering of energy, chemicals and the processes that can convert/create them. While candidates with a background in chemical engineering or Chemistry are preferred, some do get cherry picked for the industry. With expanding sectors, the requirement for chemical engineers is growing every day.

Oil and Gas Engineers

This line of work is immensely competitive and also hard to get as the best engineers in the industry are snatched dup by well-financed Oil industries. The perks of a career in oil and gas is the immense salary that you get paid. Although the job is a high risk profession with the involvement of heavy machinery and raw materials at the end of the day your pay cheque will, in general, reflect your hard work.

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