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eLitmus Paper is now available here for download. Therefore, read the eLitmus Sample Papers for the upcoming eLitmus recruitment. Going through the eLitmus Question Paper is the best way to crack your eLitmus exam. This will give you an idea on how to prepare and how much each topic weights. Interested applicants can start downloading the eLitmus Previous Papers with Solution for free. Moreover, for your convenience, we have updated the papers that are already solved so that you don’t have to browse for the answers. Hence, don’t waste time and start your eLitmus Preparation by referring these eLitmus Paper with Answer Pdf.

eLitmus Paper 2017 Details – www.elitmus.com

Name of the Organization   eLitmus.com
Test  pH Test
Category   Previous Papers
Eligibility   2015, 2016, 2017
official website of the organisation  www.elitmus.com

eLitmus Paper | Download eLitmus Sample Papers and Exam Pattern @ elitmus.com

eLitmus Exam Pattern Details – eLitmus Sample Papers Pdf

S. No. Name of the Area No of Questions Total Marks Total Duration
1. Aptitude 20 200 120 minutes
2. Logical 20 200
3. Verbal 20 200
Total 60 600 120 minutes

eLitmus is India’s largest fresher assessment and recruitment company. It has redefined how fresher and entry-level recruitment can be done in India. A number of big companies have collaborated with eLitmus. The companies hiring through eLitmus are DELL International Services, Ericsson, HCL Technologies, Accenture, L & T Infotech, etc. pH Test or Hiring Potential Test is an assessment exam conducted by eLitmus. With over lakh number of candidates seat for the pH test. Companies use pH Score as a criterion to hire intrested and talented employees.

The eLitmus pH Test consists of three sections – the Quantitative section, the Verbal section and the Reasoning section. Each section comprising of 20 questions, each carries 10 marks. The final result will be declared in two formats: percentile score and total score. Hence, prepare well for the eLitmus Exam by referring our listed eLitmus Paper Questions.

List of pH Elitmus Test Locations

  • Mumbai.
  • Bangalore.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Kolkata.
  • Cochin.
  • Chandigarh.
  • Lucknow.
  • Delhi.
  • Pune.
  • Madhurai.
  • Mangalore.
  • Chennai.
  • Bhopal.

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Here, we have updated eLitmus Paper pdf that can be useful for aspirants looking for IT Sector recruitment. All intrested and interested applicants can download the eLitmus Paper with Solution Pdf from the links given below.

eLitmus Reasoning Previous Questions

  1. A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are sitting in a row facing North:
  2. F is to the immediate right of E.
  3. E is 4th to the right of G.
  4. C is the neighbor of B and D.
  5. The person who is third to the left of D is at one of the ends.

I. Who are to the left of the C?

A. Only B.

B. G and B.

C. G, B, and D.

D. D, E, F, and A.

II. Which of the following statement is not true?

A. A is at one of the ends.

B. F is second to the right of D.

C. E is to the immediate left of D.

D. G is to the immediate left of B.

III. What is the position of A?

A. Extreme right.

B. Extreme left.

C. Between E and D.

D. Centre.

Four families decided to attend the marriage ceremony of one of their colleagues. One family has no kids, while the others have at least one kid each. Each family with kids has at least one kid attending the marriage. Given below is some information about the families and who reached when to attend the marriage.

  1. The family with 2 kids came just before the family with no kids.
  2. Shanthi who does not have any kids reached just before Sridevi’s family.
  3. Sunil and his wife reached last with their only kid.
  4. Anil is not the husband of Joya.
  5. Anil and Raj are fathers.Sridevi’s and Anita’s daughters go to the same school.
  6. Joya came before Shanthi and met Anita when she reached the venue.
  7. Raman stays the farthest from the venue.
  8. Raj said his son could not come because of his exams.

I. Which women arrive third?

A. Shanthi.

B. Sridevi.

C. Anita.

D. Joya.

II. Of the following pairs, whose daughter goes to the same school?

A. Sunit and Raman.

B. Sunil and Anil.

C. Sunil and Raman.

D. Raj and Anil.

III. Name the correct pair of husband and wife?

A. Raj and Shanthi.

B. Anil and Sridevi.

C. Sunil and Sridevi.

D. Raj and Anita.

Complete the series, 3, 8, 13, 24, 41, ?

A. 70.

B. 66.

C. 64

D. 62.

Given series- azzbbyyycccc…. find the 201st term????

A. s.

B. t.

C. q.

D. a.

Each question is followed by two statements. You have to decide whether the information provided in the statements is sufficient for answering the question.

Mark A – If the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered by using the other statements alone.

Mark B – If the question can be answered by using either statement alone.

Mark C – If the question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered by using the either statement alone.

Mark D – If the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together.

I. Is X^2 divisible by 8? Statement 1: If X^3 divisible by 16. Statement 2: X divisible by 18.

A. A.

B. B.

C. C.

D. D.

II. Is x a negative number ? Is x a negative number ? Statement 1: 9x > 10x Statement 2: (2) x + 3 is positive.

A. A.

B. B.

C. C.

D. D.

III. p, q are positive integers, p>q. The product of pq=24. What is the value of p? Statement 1: p/q is an integer. Statement 1: q/3 is an integer.

A. A.

B. B.

C. C.

D. D.

A person is 40m from starting point,60m far towards the target.he moves 20m towards target if he hears the bell sound, he moves 20m backward if he hears the gun sound.when will he reach the target? Statement 1: if he hears 3gun sounds to 1 bell sound(ratio) Statement 2: if he hears 21 sounds

A. A.

B. B.

C. C.

D. D.

eLitmus Paper for Quantitative Aptitude

x lies from 121 < X >1331, x^2+1 when divided by 11 what will not be the remainder?

A. 1.

B. 6.

C. 4.

D. 8.

In a certain examination paper, there are n questions. For j=1,2,…….n there is 2^n-1 will answered j or more questions wrong. If the total number of wrong answers is 4095, then the value of n is ……

A. 9.

B. 12.

C. 11.

D. 10.

f p is a number greater than 99,e is the probability of divisibility of any even whole number p, and O is the probability of an odd whole number divisible by p, w is the probability of any whole number divisible by p…..

A. w=2e.

B. e=w/2.

C. o=w/2.

D. either (b) or (c).

A square of 2 unit is given and four circles are made on its corners having an equal radius of each. and another circle of equal radius is made on the center of the square. find out the area of the square which is not covered by circles?

A. 0.43.

B. 0.86.

C. 0.74.

D. 0.3.

ABC is the scalene triangle. Its angle A is kept constant, rest sides are tripled in length such that AC’=3AC and AB’=3AB. how much is the area increased in triangle AB’C’ from ABC?

A. 800%.

B. 900%.

C. 850%.

D. 950%.

In a particular state, the god of rain announces that there will be raining on exactly 20 days in each calendar year. if the probability of raining on a particular day of the year 2011, 2012 and 2013 are P, Q, and R respectively then which of the following relation holds true:

A. 2Q>=P+R.

B. Q^2 >=P*R.

C. 2/Q >= 1/P + 1/Q.

D. all of these.

The probability of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a penalty is twice than the probability of missing it. In a World Cup he takes 5 penalties, What is the probability of scoring 3 penalties among the 5?

A. 5*2*((2/3)^3 * (1/3)^3).

B. 1-((2/3)^3 * (1/3)^3).

C. 1-((2/3)^2)* (1/3)^3).

D. None of these.

In a school 10% students get 70 marks,25% students get 80 marks,20% students get 85 marks,25% students get 90 marks,remaining get 95 marks.the average of students marks is an even number then least number of students?

A. 20.

B. 100.

C. 80.

D. 200.

Find the number of ways you can fill a 3*3 grid ( wit h4 corners defined as a,b,c,d) if you have 3 white marbles and 6 black marbles?

A. 9c3.

B. 6c3.

C. 9c3+6c3.

D. 9c3+6c3/3!.

Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson have to travel from Rajeev Gandhi Chowk to Indira Gandhi International Airport via the Metro. They have enough coins of 1, 5, 10 and 25 paise. Sherlock Homes agree to pay for Dr. Watson only if he tells all the possible combinations of coins that can be used to pay for the ticket. How many combinations are possible if the fare is 50 paise?

A. 52.

B. 49.

C. 44.

D. 45.

eLitmus English Verbal Model Questions with Answer

The great event of the New York cultural season of 1882 was the visit of the sixty-two-year-old English philosopher and social commentator Herbert Spencer. Nowhere did Spencer have a larger or more enthusiastic following than in the United States, where such works as ―Social Statics and ―The Data of Ethics were celebrated as powerful justifications for laissez-faire capitalism. The competition was preordained; its result was progressed; any institution that stood in the way of individual liberties was violating the natural order. ―Survival of the fittest —a phrase that Charles Darwin took from Spencer—made the free competition a social as well as a natural law. Spencer was, arguably, the single most influential systematic thinker of the nineteenth century, but his influence, compared with that of Darwin, Marx, or Mill, was short-lived.

In 1937, the Harvard sociologist Talcott Parsons asked, ―Who now reads Spencer? Seventy years later, the question remains pertinent, even if no one now reads Talcott Parsons, either. In his day, Spencer was the greatest of philosophical hedgehogs: his popularity stemmed from the Page 54 fact that he had one big, easily grasped an idea and a mass of more particular ideas that supposedly flowed from the big one. The big idea was evolution, but, while Darwin applied it to species change, speculating about society and culture only with reluctance, Spencer saw evolution working everywhere. ―This law of organic progress is the law of all progress, he wrote, ―whether it be in the development of the Earth, in the development of Life upon its surface, in the development of Society, of Government, of Manufactures, of Commerce, of Language, Literature, Science, [or] Art. Spencer has been tagged as a social Darwinist, but it would be correct to think of Darwin as a biological Spencerian. Spencer was very well known as an evolutionist long before Darwin‘s ―On the Origin of Species was published, in 1859, and people who had limited interest in the finches of the Galápagos had a great interest in whether the state should provide for the poor or whether it was right to colonize India.

I. Why did Spencer have a large enthusiastic following in the United States?

A. Because he believed in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

B. Because his work was perceived to justify capitalism.

C. Because he was an English philosopher.

D. None of these.

II. What does Talcott Parson’s statement, “Who now reads Spencer?” imply?

A. No one read Spencer in 1937.

B. He is asking a question to his students.

C. Everyone should read Spencer.

D. None of these.

III. According to the author, why was Spencer so popular in the 19th Century?

A. He supported capitalism.

B. He extended Darwin’s theory of evolution to a lot of things.

C. He had one broad and simple idea and many specific ideas flowed from it.

D. He was a friend of Parson’s.

I am tired as I am working since 7 O’clock in the morning.

A. I was working.

B. I have been working.

C. I had been working.

D. I will be working.

The population of Tokyo is greater than that of any other town in the world.

A. greatest among any other.

B. greater than all other.

C. greater than those of any other.

D. greater than any other.

E. No correction required.

A. His left-hand concealed a blackjack, his right-hand groped for the torch in his pocket. B. The meeting was scheduled for 9 O’clock, and his watch showed the time to be a quarter to nine. C. The man lurked in the corner, away from the glare of light. D. His heart thumped in his chest, sweat beads formed themselves on his forehead his mouth was dry.





A. Group decision making, however, does not necessarily fully guard against arbitrariness and anarchy, for individual capriciousness can get substituted by collusion of group members. B. Nature itself is an intricate system of checks and balances, meant to preserve the delicate balance between various environmental factors that affect our ecology. C. In institutions also, there is a need to have in place a system of checks and balances which inhibits the concentration of power in the hands of only some individuals. D. When human interventions alter this delicate balance, the outcomes have been seen to be disastrous.





He _____ out five minutes ago.

A. has gone.

B. had gone.

C. went.

D. have gone.

Social studies, science matters of health and safety, the very atmosphere of the classroom these areas are few of the ____ for the ____ of proper emotional reactions.

A. things, growth.

B. fertile, areas.

C. fertile fields, inculcation.

D. important areas, formation.

I am always the first to admit that I have not accomplished everything that I ______ achieve five years ago.

A. set out to.

B. went to.

C. thought to.

D. though of.

Either anvita or you _______ late for class.A

A. are.

B. was.

C. were.

D. Has been.

It seemed like this buffalo ______ never been washed before I washed him this morning.

A. was.

B. has.

C. would have.

D. had.

Refer these eLitmus Paper Questions and do well in upcoming eLitmus Test. All the best!!!

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