Journey to Indian Army via IIM & a US Job, Read Tale of Mr. Barnana, A Laborer’s Son

Mr. Barnana Yadagiri is such an inspiration to the youth of our country, as this boy even after scoring 93.4 Percentile in CAT, getting a call from IIM Indore, choose to join the security forces of India.
Here is the story of a guy who spent his childhood in true poverty and traveled the journey to be a successful Indian Army officer. Yes, obstacles were there, but they could not hold his way because of the unseen courage, hard work, and passion.
It doesn’t matter in what situation you are; you are always the creator of your life. There are so many people who implemented this quote in their lives, and showcased the transformation to the world.
Yadagiri tells his story that his father, Barnana Gunnaya, the only bread-earner of the family, was a daily wager in a cement factory in Hyderabad. So, the family income was not more than INR 100 in a day. In such extreme financial conditions, Yadagiri somehow managed to complete his schooling. Then he secured an engineering degree from International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Hyderabad. He managed to sustain his studies through the government scholarships since he was a brilliant student.
As he became a software engineer, the family’s financial conditions forced him to get a job. The brilliant boy got a job offer from a US-based company, Union Pacific Rail Road. Yadagiri had a great opportunity to work in the corporate world and earn lots of money for the family. But this offer of high salary package did not tempt him and he had faith in his capabilities and he refused the job.
Then Yadagiri cracked CAT, one of India’s most difficult entrance exams, with scoring 93.4 percentile. He got an admission offer from IIM Indore, which he also denied to accept. There was something else that was going through his mind. His only childhood dream was to serve the nation by all means. He decided to dedicate his life to Indian army and cleared all the required entrance exams and other procedures.
Yadagiri received the Indian Military Academy’s (IMA) prestigious silver medal on December 9, 2017, for standing first in the merit order of IMA’s Technical Graduate course. This paves the way for cadets with a technical background to join the engineering divisions of Indian Army. That was a great moment of joy and pride for his father too. As the passing out parade was held at the grounds of Dehradun. His father got so emotional at this moment with tears in his eyes when he saw his son in an Army officer’s uniform at the passing out parade of IMA.
Yadagiri discussed the days when his father used to earn mere maximum INR 60 after a day’s hard work. Her mother was afflicted with polio and used to clean the office tables to make help her husband in running the family. So, the job in the US or the management course from IIM Indore could surely be going to make their life luxurious.

But no amount of money could ever replace the kind of mental satisfaction he got by the opportunity to work for the motherland. The young officer also stated – “I will ensure that I fulfill my duties in a manner that makes the country proud by working in the defense research and development stream”.
Would you believe that Yadagiri’s father was not even aware a day before the parade that his son was being commissioned as an Indian Army officer? Being a simple man thought that his son was joining the Army as a soldier. His father also told Yadagiri that he was committing a big mistake to leave a highly-paid software job for joining the Army. But when Yadagiri explained to his father that he is going to join the engineering unit of Indian Army as an officer, his father’s heart filled with joy and pride.
This is truly an inspiration for our country’s youth, how Yadagiri, despite his poor financial conditions of his family, worked very hard, refused offers of foreign-based multinational companies and admission to IIMs, finally achieved his dream of becoming an Indian Army officer.
The above stated true story reflects a fact that in order to be successful in life, no hindrance or difficulty can stop you, until and unless you give up on your dreams. There can be much more Barnana Yadgiris’ and each one of us has similar traits embedded in us, all we need to do is believe in ourselves and achieve whatever we want in life.

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